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Pick up the Fall 2019 issue of The Bark, the magazine of modern dog culture, and read my latest fiction.

"Vigilantes" is a short story about neighbors who form an unlikely tribe to save a dog—sort of.  It won first place in the Idaho Writers Guild's annual Short Story Contest.

Why not read it aloud to your favorite canine?

Write My Name on the Sky: a novel about art, ambition and independence

Against a backdrop of 1960s and 70s Los Angeles, 19-year-old Kate Prescott finds her soul mate in art student Jack Morrison, a man who understands her yearning to do something important with her life. Where Kate’s ambitions are vague, Jack’s are razor-sharp: become a famous artist.

They marry, and, as Jack Morrison’s wife, Kate falls under the spell of the art world and helps Jack realize his dream. However, social change is afoot in the business world where Kate earns a living, and as she progresses up the corporate ladder, her own ambitions crystallize: this is where she belongs.

Inevitably, as Jack’s star rises, his priorities clash with Kate’s. The consequences force Kate to confront the possibility of a life where she’s no longer Jack Morrison’s wife, and to face the deeper challenge of who she might truly be.

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Advance raves for Bonnie Schroeder's newest novel

“Schroeder deftly intertwines the lives of characters, the era in which they live and the different worlds they inhabit with honesty and skill.”
Miko Johnston, author of the Petal in the Wind series

Write My Name on the Sky has everything I love in a novel: a heroine who jumps headlong into a risky, exciting world, sensitively-drawn characters and a story that keeps me reading long after the light should be out.”
Janet Aird, author of Now I Remember I Love You

“An evocative, poignant and even cautionary tale for those who love the art world and the artists who devote their lives to their craft. Schroeder knows this world, and brings her readers inside for a riveting ride.”
Heather Ames, author of the Indelible mystery/suspense series