Meet novelist Bonnie Schroeder

Bonnie Schroeder was bitten by the writing bug in the fifth grade and never recovered. She has pursued the craft of writing in many shapes, but long-form fiction remains her first love.

After a year at UC Santa Barbara, Bonnie left college to earn a living, but she continued her education, especially creative writing, at community colleges and through the UCLA Extension program.

While working in corporate America, she kept writing short stories and novels in her “spare” time and also wrote a weekly column in Drama-Logue on the subject of "survival skills" for actors and other theater professionals.

Through the UCLA Extension, she also studied screenwriting and completed two feature-length screenplays. One of them, “Smoke and Mirrors,” was a semi-finalist in the Monterey County Film Commission's competition.

After leaving a human resources career at a major oil company, where her writing consisted of describing benefit plans and policies, Bonnie signed on as a volunteer with the American Red Cross and published an e-newsletter for the Glendale Chapter. This kept her writing skills sharp while she continued to pursue publication of her novels. She also volunteered at a local animal shelter but had to stop because she wanted to take home so many of the abandoned animals.

Among her published short stories are “The Gift,” “The Go-Between," "What's in a Name?" and "A Losing Game." She was also a finalist in the ABQ Writers Co-Op bosque Fiction contest for her short story "Intervention."

Mending Dreams was her first published novel, and she has many more in the pipeline.