A new voice in women’s fiction

Bonnie Schroeder’s Mending Dreams  tells the story of a woman learning to forgive her gay, dying ex-husband before bitterness ruins her life.

On the surface, Susan Krajewski seems to have it all, professionally and socially, but she lives under the cloud of her ex-husband Frank's betrayal. The worst part? Frank left her for another man. Susan masks her pain behind a glib, selfish façade, and she even makes a good show of staying friends with her ex.

But then something happens she can't control: Frank gets cancer; he's dying. And he turns to her for help. Now Susan has to face her feelings and accept that she still loves Frank. She has to plunge into the fear and pain of death as she stands by him in his last days on earth. In doing that, she discovers a strength within herself that she didn’t know she possessed.

By the end of her journey, even though she’s lost Frank, Susan has new allies, genuine sources of support and consolation that she gained through her acts of bravery and kindness. Equally important, she has rediscovered her own self, with all its flaws and weaknesses—and all its beauty and courage.