Mending Dreams is a story of forgiveness and courage

Mending Dreams tells the story of a woman learning to forgive her gay, dying ex-husband before bitterness ruins her life.

On the surface, Susan Krajewski seems to have it all, professionally and socially, but she lives under the cloud of her ex-husband Frank's betrayal. The worst part? Frank left her for another man. Susan masks her pain behind a glib, selfish façade, and she even makes a good show of staying friends with her ex.

But then something happens she can't control: Frank gets cancer; he's dying. And he turns to her for help. Now Susan has to face her feelings and accept that she still loves Frank. She must plunge into the fear and pain of death, even as she finds a strength within herself that she didn’t know she possessed. Over the course of her journey, Susan gains new allies, genuine sources of support and consolation. Equally important, she rediscovers her own self, with all its flaws and weaknesses—and all its beauty and courage.

Praise from readers

Many thanks to the Amazon customers and Goodreads members who took the time to review Mending Dreams.

“What a delightful read! It is a fast paced novel that presents feelings in a believable and interesting style. It grabs you and each chapter builds to a rather sweet ending. Once started, it is hard to set aside.”

“I often find it difficult to search out books that really make me think and also make me feel something. This book pulled me in from the very first paragraph and didn't let go until the final sentence. Told in first person, the narrative was interesting, quirky and emotionally raw, wringing out-loud laughter as easily as real tears.”

“Entertaining book…I was really drawn into her world. I got angry and upset, happy, and sad and applauded her success. Interesting characters. But not so many you needed a map. Each one of her characters had a story…I liked the style of writing. Fast dialog. I'd recommend it highly.”

“This is a grown-up book. The characters are not perfect, but rather unique human beings with the flaws and blind spots we all have. Many of the relationships and conflicts will be familiar to anyone who has lived long enough to have experienced loss. I was really rooting for Susan and liked the ending.”

“I barely put this book down over the weekend. Lately, it has been hard to find a book I could stick with. The characters were great. I felt so comfortable with them, like they were real and I knew them…can't wait to read the next book!”