For variety’s sake…

Before I tackled a novel, I wrote short stories and got my first taste of publication: better than a See’s vanilla caramel with almonds. Then I tried screenwriting in the mistaken belief it’d be “easier” than narrative fiction. Guess again.

Short stories

A dog locked in a car on a sunny day sparks neighborhood action with an unexpected outcome.

A grieving widow gets help from an otherworldly source.

“A Losing Game”
Victory, denial and defeat at a Weight Watchers meeting. Read the story.

“What’s in a Name?”
More than you might think, when the man of your dreams gets it wrong. (originally appeared in MO+TH) Read the story.

“The Go-Between”
The owner of a trendy L.A. art gallery has trouble with her newest discovery. (originally appeared in BIGNews) Read the story.

“The Gift”
Revenge takes physical form; or does it? (originally appeared in Roundtable)


“Smoke and Mirrors”
A cynical young woman is hired to write a famous magician’s memoirs and learns more about illusions than she expected. When a stalker threatens her life, she uses her new knowledge with terrifying consequences. Read an excerpt.

“Killer Instinct”
An amnesiac encounters murder and betrayal as she struggles to recover her lost memory before she falls victim to a killer from her past. Read an excerpt.